projectIMS PLAN

projectIMS PLAN (v2.a) - This is the Planning Module which enables Company customisation and branding of the system (includes Company Calendar and Working Week Management and logo upload) and the creation of individual Company Projects.  Once Projects have been created, the various Activities (or Finished Products) are added with precise programming, pricing, production targeting, resourcing (and ordering) information.  Each Activity can be edited in terms of its Timing and Scheduling, its relationship to other Activitiesand its required Resourcing.  As a result of this level of planning, projectIMS is able to generate:

projectIMS PLAN Functionality

  • Gantt Chart or Programme (per Activity, per Group of Activities, per Project and for All Projects for Company-wide reporting) including Alerts for Activities planned outside of the Contractual Dates,
  • a Turnover and Cash-flow Forecast(s) which are the Californian Envelope/Funding Requirements respectively,per Project or for Company (ALL Projects),
  • Comprehensive Activity (Allowable Expenditure) Budgets per Cost Centre, as well as
  • a Detailed Resource Schedule per Project and an
  • Order Management System (for those Activities which have been comprehensively “Resourced”) including a Delivery Timetable and Alerts for Overdue Orders, and finally
  • a (Daily) Resource & Production Plan for a selected period (1 day to entire project duration).

Various Reference Materials are available under the Library section of the application, including a User Help Manual, a Management Guideline (on Production Pricing, Planning and Execution), sample BoQ’s in the correct (Excel) format for importing, generic Health and Safety/Quality/Environmental Plans, Appointment Forms, standard form Employment Contracts, Industry Links and other resources.

The PLAN Module is able to stand alone as a useful Tender Pricing, Programming, Resource Planning and Order Management tool.  It is also the mandatory foundation for the “IMS LIVE” (v2.b or “Measurement”) Module.


(eg CIDB)
Best Annual Turnover
(over last 3 years)
IMS Plan
Unlimited Projects; Monthly
Licence Fee incl. Super-User + 2 = 3
1 250 000 200 Enquire Now
2 500 000 300
3 1 million 400
4 2 million 500
5 5 million 600
6 10 million 700
7 25 million 1000
8 1 billion 2000
9 3 billion 5000

*Additional users R100 per user.

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