IMS LIVE (v2b):-  This component utilises and therefore includes IMS PLAN outlined above (and so does not stand alone) but comprises many additional features to record Actual Expenditureand Income through Daily Diary (Site User) or  Head Office (Financial User) entries against the relevant Activity in the project Bills of Quantities.  IMS LIVE uses the data from the IMS PLAN Module as a template against which the actual data captured in IMS LIVE is contrasted from a range of different angles and filters to provide the User with real-time management information on:

i)               Daily Diary Site Event Logging - including SHEQ Events/weather/visitors, memos as well as Production Progress, Material Deliveries and Personnel/Plant on site,

ii)             Project Progress (indicated on Gantt),

iii)            SHEQ and Financial Status of Activities and Activity Groups for individual projects and then collectively (as aggregated Active projects) for Company-level reports

iv)            Variance Reports (Budget v Actual on Costs/Resources/Timing/Turnover/Cash-flow),

v)             Alerts for deviations from Plan,

vi)            Claim Certificates (Invoices),

vii)          VAT Returns,

viii)         Income Statements, per Project or for the entire Company,

ix)            Creditors and Debtors: Age Analysis and SupplierHistory

x)             Payroll Reports

All Reference Materials in the Library are available to IMS LIVE Users, with the difference being that edited / customised documents and files (eg Health and Safety Plans), as well as photographs (eg. pictures of site) can be attached to the now fully activated Daily Diary.  This portal (the Daily Diary) is the means of recording site Events (Weather, Site Instructions or SHEQ issues), Deliveries of Materials and Production Resources on site, as well as Production Progress – all of which enable the generation of invoicing as well as cost and other Variance Reports described above.