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projectIMS v2.0 is a comprehensive but affordable web-based software application (requiring an internet connection and any web browser) for the entry-level to advanced project management User, and is suited to Companies which project manage added-value processes in delivering multiple finished products to contracted Customers or Clients as discrete projects.  Typically such businesses would include Construction-related Contractors, but the system also caters to Mining Entities, Consultants, Developers, Manufacturers, Fabricators, Printers and Packagers among others.

The User views a personalised “Watchlist” of Company (Active) Projects as a customised landing page, each displaying critical project information at a glance in the form of the “Dashboard” shown above. Each dashboard is in turn system-adjusted to the User’s “Level” (Super User, Financial User or Site User) to access multiple Project data from permitted projects (Financial and Site Users), or Company Level data from ALL projects (Super-User only), from remote locations simultaneously.

Both the Data and the Application exist therefore in “the Cloud;” stored securely off-site in a state-of-the-art, redundancy-mirrored back-up Server environment at all times, enabling any User with the correct credentials to access, record or amend information on a Company project from any computer (including smart phones) connected to the Internet.

  • The system is based on a traditional Bill of Quantities (BoQ) layout and enables the User to create multiple projects and import un-priced or already priced BoQ’s from a spread-sheet (Excel 97-2003/.xls format) or create a BoQ manually within the system.
  • The User is then able to delve into each Activity/Product and to build up the selling rate/price of each varying degrees of detail and resourcing.  The Pricing of each Activity – against which actual performance is later compared – is made up of 5 standard Cost Centres constituting the budgeted cost of production, plus the Mark-Up for overheads and profit, which together constitute the Selling Price:

This is graphically illustrated in the Activity Management Screen below, where Cost Centre Budgets can be entered directly (“plugged”)” or where underlying resources generate the Cost Centre budgets (and they are no longer directly editable).

The system is comprised of two separate modules, IMS PLAN and IMS LIVE.


programIMS is a Programme Management software solution with a focus on Social Development indicators associated with large infrastructure programmes, most especially, Employment Creation, Community Supply Chain integration, Skills and Enterprise Development (including Mentorship and Administration support) as a critical deliverable.

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