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Software Solutions by IMS:

projectIMS is a comprehensive but affordable web-based Construction Project Management and Enterprise Resourcing Programme (ERP) for the Entry-Level to Advanced Project Manager. Developed to enable businesses to plan and manage multiple projects simultaneously, quantify and procure resources, track and forecast project progress against designated deadlines and budgets, log and manage SHEQ issues, claim for Work Done and generate supplier and employee histories, projectIMS assists construction and related industry practitioners to achieve the SANS 1393 Standard for Construction Enterprises not yet capable of achieving ISO ratings.

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programIMS is an on-line, Programme-Level management solution centred on Social Facilitation and Development indicators such as Employment Creation, Local Economic as well as Skills and Enterprise Development including  Mentorship and Contract Administration and Compliance support as key deliverables within the Construction and Infrastructure Supply Chain.  The system also targets and manages other community-focused, socio-economic interventions and indicators necessarily twinned with Service Delivery, including supply and service opportunities created in the construction of infrastructure assets and their maintenance thereafter.  programIMS also tracks target group participants with ID No verification of individuals, their earnings and skills acquisitions.

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Printers & Packagers


projectIMS PLAN

Key features include:

  • IMS P4 Management Guide includes templates, checklists, SHEQ materials
  • Project Programme (Gantt)
  • Activity Resourcing: materials, labour, plant, overheads
  • Complete Resource (bulk order) Scheduling, incl. monthly histograms
  • Cash flow Forecasting
  • Bills of Quantity pricing and more
from R200/month

projectIMS LIVE

Key features include:

  • Full access to IMS PLAN
  • Daily production targeting and resource requirements
  • Daily diary, including costing / communication / reporting
  • Real-time cost reporting (per activity/ per cost centre / per project)
  • Claim Certificates / Invoicing
  • Payroll and supplier histories and more
from R400/month


Key features include:

  • Full access to IMS PLAN / IMS LIVE modules
  • Enterprise Assessment Tool
  • Automated Enterprise Development (Training and Mentorship) Plan
  • Enterprise (individual project) and Programme-level progress reporting
  • Training Management / Attendance  and Reporting
  • Enterprise Histories including Employees and Principals
  • Time / Travel reporting and more
from R5000/month

Looking for Construction Project Support Services?

Inkanyiso Consulting offers comprehensive cost engineering and monthly support services using projectIMS.

Key features include:

  • projectIMS (PLAN or LIVE) licence
  • Third Party project planning, administration, capturing, reporting
  • Material Spreads, Team Sizes and Daily Output targets,
  • Turnover and Cash Flow Forecasting,
  • Production Targeting and Resource Histograms
  • Bulk and Monthly Resource Procurement
  • Gantt Charts with Progress Indication
  • Health and Safety Status, Logs and Alerts
  • And more

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